Abuja Showed Up And Showed Out

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Abuja was turnttttt!!!

Here is a recap of some of the things that went down but before we go into that can we just talk about how awesome women are? A ontestant came in with her 3-week old baby and her Mom was there all through the time she was auditioning. Supportive is an understatement!

A group of contestants we can’t get enough of are the ones pranked by the regional judges. They are told ‘No’ and you can see their faces falling apart, only to be called back to pick their ‘Yes’ cards. Each one has a unique expression but the excitement on those faces are real and can’t be hid.

From ‘wanting to be a big star and all the judges should listen to his freestyle’ and ‘people suffer suffer suffer iyeeeeee’, originals were not lacking what was lacking was good music and showmanship. Lol.

A contestant was asked if he was a Nigerian and had the audacity to say ‘unfortunately’! When what was truly unfortunate was the fact that he could not sing.

Finally, the ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ cover was done with hand movements we can only describe as ‘new’ but it sure made us laugh. You should see it yourself. See more episodes right here.

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