Calabar Was One For The Books

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Watch Naija Nigga wow you with his green hair, we can’t be certain but it looks like an household cleaning item but wait you’ve not seen this episode have you? If you could see our faces right now judging you. Anyway, let’s give you some of the highlights.

Fall in love with “Pain Killa” with the numerous AKAs or Henry who stutters through his rap and claims he is a genius and rhymed properly. Who will tell him that there is more to rap than rhyming?

The “Sugar oh Sugar” singer who is just coming up left us confused, after all it’s a competition but she has the most positive vibe so we look forward to see her next year only if she improves!

The regional judge’s ‘Yes’ truly got away from him as he kept serenading them with a rendition of ‘every time you got away from me’ in an at best monotonous key.

A contestant received a ‘No’ and decided to send our female regional judge, Odemonke Bassey, a killer look. Ouch! We don’t know what Gedoni was thinking but

we are certain he wasn’t trying to bribe our star Judge, Seyi Shay, because it’s obvious none of our judges can be bribed. He was just being sweet. See more drama-filled episodes right here.

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