Onitsha Brought The Heat

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Let’s get down, down, down to the tea of the day *wink* because if you know, you know! The reactions when contestants get a ‘yes’ from the regional judges is always something to look forward to. From the overtly emotional cry-babies, to those who wish to kiss the floor, there’s just more than enough emotion cum excitement to go around.

Some regional auditions with original lyrics that have us grabbing our bellies are:

1. When I crack, crack all these boys will want to crack, crack on my vibe? Hian! It’s not only crack crack! We hope the resounding ‘no’ won’t crack your confidence.

2. Cause I’m gonna need, cause I’m gonna gain so you might just can be true. This qualifies as an original because Rihanna never sang those lyrics in ‘unfaithful’. Let’s all be guided please.

Notable mentions: The lady who decided to shout instead of sing. We love twins and Onitsha gave us double, we are very pleased. See all the episodes here.

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