Our Last Audition City, Owerri!

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Owerri Wonder!!! Michael Jackson must have been rolling in his grave no doubt as he heard the young man from Owerri belt out his own version of “Thriller”. “She too dey form, she like air-condition” sang his way into a ‘no’. We wonder if these people ever performed in front of their families and friends. If they did, we can’t help but wonder if their family told them the truth.

Breath control award goes to the lady who sang ‘Power of love’ by Celine Dion. And a celeb we know will be happy for sure will be John Legend with this version of ‘All of Me’ by a contestant, even the judges had to say it as it was, the young man is a star.

“Russian Roulette” was a tricky song for Owerri because two contestants picked the song and one sang it way sang it way better than the other. “Man down” was not a prophecy as at the time Rihanna sang it, unfortunately for this contestant who chose to sing it, it was as she didn’t deliver. Man down! All in all, it was good. See all the episodes here.

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