Meet The Top 13 Finalists

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We’ve selected our 12 contestants from the regions! Yaaaaaaaay!!! And for those who could not make it to the regions, we did an online competition and we have our winner as well. Yippee! So 13 contestants have been shipped off to Bootcamp in Lagos.

But before we get into the competition, we got to know some of the contestants a little bit more and we discovered a few surprises here and there.

Who would have thought that Charles Akinloye from Ilesha, Osun state was a make-up artiste and plays about 3 instruments? A what? A talented young man! I want a face beat, please.

Before Olusoji James started his journey to accessing the stars, he was selling pure water and still schooling. An entrepreneur and a student, we stan!

If you’d like to see what lies behind the musical pursuits of the other 11 contestants, kindly head here.

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