The Judges' Stage Show: Semi Final

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We are going to start this Episode with one very important thing we didn’t talk about in our previous episode and that’s the eviction of Amarachi, Janet and Anna, we know this is a competition but it breaks our heart to see them go.

So what’s new in this episode? One word, DUETS!!! Yessss! We are pairing the contestants in twos and they are going to be performing. We are so excited, can you tell?

Our contestants got some cool masterclass from WAJE and the legendary Sound Sultan but had a surprise guest in the house for an additional masterclass. Can you guess who it was? Now, let’s talk about the pairing!!! Anderson got Ada, Loven Charles got Promise, Kiite and Sewa The Firefly, Soji and Sly, last but not the least and Gabriel Songz and Miracle. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

It is important that you listen to these renditions yourself and appreciate the full sonority of our contestants’ magical voices. We have goosebumps just thinking about it. Catch this episode here.

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